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Blackhawks Are Asking You To Grow One For The Team

  • By Matt Eastman

Blackhawks Are Asking You To Grow One For The Team

Every year, since the 1980s, hockey players, participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, have taken part in the superstitious practice of not shaving their beards. While many other sports have jumped on the wagon, nobody does it better than the NHL.

Why? Because not only do the players get involved, but many fans of the teams also grow playoff beards. The player, and/or fan, stops shaving when his team enters the playoffs and does not shave until his team is eliminated or wins the Stanley Cup. Simple.

Well, this tradition has grown so popular, that there are now ways to raise money and win prizes all the while growing a legendary beard. You can participate in BEARD-A-THON by joining the contest and pledging to grow your beard for a specific team (if it's not the Blackhawks, you're doing it wrong). In doing so, it allows fans to participate in the great hockey tradition and raise money for charities at the same time. So far, 100,000 passionate fans have joined Beard-a-Thon and raised over $3.5 million for NHL charities.

Pretty awesome, right?

Fans, players, and celebrities pledge to grow a playoff beard for the duration of their team’s playoff run. 

The year, the Chicago Blackhawks will be raising money for Chicago Blackhawks Charities and Chicago Public Schools, so get involved. 

One other awesome way to show your support, is to rock one of these custom made WIN OR SHAVE shirts!


Want to see a playoff game at the United Center? Fans who sign up and raise $100 by Friday, April 14, will get the chance to win two tickets to Game 2!

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