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Chicago's Best Podcast, The 312, "Let's Tap This Keg"

  • By Matt Eastman

Chicago's Best Podcast, The 312,

Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone and their mother has the ability to toss on a pair of ear buds, grab a mic and start talking your ear off.

From food to beer to sports, you can indulge in a plethora of topics on any given day. 

From the very beginning, 'The 312' podcast was different. They'll make you laugh, they'll piss you off and they'll definitely leave you wanting more -- all the while dropping knowledge on you about Chicago sports and whatever else happens to be trending.

"Let's tap this keg" is the official opening statement of every episode. Co-hosted by Matt Zawaski and Matt Peck (pictured above), and produced by Sean Sears, The 312 is one of the most entertaining listens for Chicago sports fans. With nearly 200 reviews and a five-star rating, it's quickly becoming the default choice for Chicago sports fans everywhere.

53 episodes deep, The 312 podcast has featured guests such as Mike North, Len Kasper, David Kaplan, Sean Highkin, Chris Emma, Anthony Adams, and Scott Powers among others. 

When asked what makes podcast different, Sears stated:

"It's a combination of being one of the only Chicago sports podcasts out there that gives quality information, gets great guests and the team of three is actually smart and funny. But, we also have just a great sound from an audio standpoint. Outside of a podcast with a production team and studio, nobody else's podcast sounds better."

Be sure to check out The 312's latest podcast and grab your "Let's Tap This Keg" tee today!

"Let's Tap This Keg" - The 312 Podcast 

Let's Tap This Keg, The 312 Podcast

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