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Creating The Perfect Tee Shirt

  • By Chris Burhans

Creating The Perfect Tee Shirt

Urban Gameday has perfected the art of creating the perfect tee shirt for Chicago sports fans. Using a unique blend of high quality combed cotton and polyester jersey fabric, our tees are guaranteed to be the softest on the market. 


So, how did we do it? Testing, a lot of testing. 

We started out by ordering every single tee shirt sample we could get from five different manufacturers. Each manufacturer had a few types giving us several options to choose from. Here was the grading criteria we used for each garment, it was a scale between 1 and 10. 

  • Comfort Level: what does the shirt feel like when it's being worn?
  • Overall Appearance: can this shirt be worn out, as well as around the house?
  • Durability: washed 10+ times, inside and out, does it still look and feel the same?
  • Weight: is the shirt too heavy, too light or just right?
  • Fit: does the tee form to your body, or just hang?
  • Stitching: how good was the stitching and was it damaged after being worn / washed?


Our primary goal was to find the most comfortable tee shirt we could.

Our secondary goal was to find a tee that was manufactured with high quality and could be worn out on a Saturday night, as well as to bed. 

This was a lot tougher than it sounds.

Several different shirts that claimed to be "soft" flat our weren't. They were primarily the lower priced tees, but some of the moderately priced garments like the Gildan "soft" blend still wasn't the quality we were looking for. A large percentage of the shirts that passed the initial "comfort" test were eliminated after the "quality" inspection. Loose threading became the common theme forcing us to cut small strings off the shirts or stop wearing them after the sleeve became partially unwound. 

We struggled with this for months. 

Sample after sample failed with a grade lower than "5" for at least one of our tests eliminating it from contention. 


Finally, a big decision was made. As a company, Urban Gameday was on a mission to find the most comfortable tee shirt possible and we stopped focusing on lower and moderately priced garments. Instead, we noted the best blends from our batches and set out to create a new kind of shirt, an original blend with superior comfort making it worth a mid-$20 price tag. We decided that U.S.A. manufacturing backed by a high quality shirt would be worth an extra $2-$3 for our customers. We decided to make a shirt people would talk about, a tee that fans would buy and instantly notice the difference from anything else in their closet. 


After working with several different manufacturers, printing companies and online outlets, our team managed to create the perfect tee. It's referred to as our "ultra soft vintage" blend and it has received RAVING REVIEWS from our customers. 

"I have a lot of tee shirts and my Urban Gameday shirt is by far my most comfortable to wear."

"After buying an Urban Gameday ultra soft tee, it's literally hard to wear anything else."

"A tag-less tee that's super soft and feels like I bought it from the thrift-store, sign me up!"

"I hate tags and this shirt has none." 

Our diligent process of finding the best products for our customers didn't stop there. Urban Gameday is set to release a new line of hoodies, zip-ups and raglans later this year. In addition to that, we will be adding onto our women's line and starting a brand new line for kids.

If quality and comfort are important to you when purchasing a tee shirt, look no further than Urban Gameday. We've put the time and effort in so you don't have to go anywhere else.

"Nothing Beats Gameday"

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