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Nashville, No Matter How Hard They Try, Can't Keep The Red Out

  • By Matt Eastman

Nashville, No Matter How Hard They Try, Can't Keep The Red Out

In a tireless, yet pathetic, crusade that dates back to at least 2013, the Nashville Predators continue to try and "Keep the Red Out" by trying to establish roadblocks for the visiting fans of the Chicago Blackhawks. 

It all started by Nashville offering single-game tickets to Predators-Blackhawks contests. To get a ticket to that contest, a two-game package had to purchased. That failed, miserably.

So, Nashville tried to get really tricky....

In a first-round playoff series that the Blackhawks won en route to the 2015 Stanley Cup, the Predators initially only sold tickets to the general public locally, so they had to be bought in person. When those playoff tickets eventually went online, they were available only to purchasers within the team’s television viewing area. Seriously, what are we 12?

The disdain isn’t limited to just the ticket policy, either. In October 2014, the Predators played “God Bless America” before a Blackhawks game instead of the national anthem, in an effort to keep the Blackhawks fans from partaking in their tradition of cheering wildly as “The Star-Spangled Banner” plays. 

You beginning to get the picture?

The changes to ticketing policies was collectively called "Grow the Gold." With these policies, Predators Holdings, LLC intended to keep both the Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues fans out of Bridgestone Arena on nights when those two Central Division rivals were in town.

Keep in mind, time and time again, Nashville has failed to not only keep the red out, but have come away empty-handed when trying to knock the Blackhawks out of the NHL Playoffs. 

Let's not forget, this is the same city that was drunk dry by Chicago Bears fans back in 2012. 

Nice try Nashville, but you can't keep the red out! 


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