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The Fax That Rocked The World: "I'm Back"

  • By Matt Eastman

The Fax That Rocked The World:

After playing minor league baseball for more than a year, the greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth announced his was returning to the Chicago Bulls -- in true Jordan-esque fashion.

Michael Jordan spread the news by sending a fax to reporters. After rejecting a number of press releases written by his agent David Falk, Jordan took out a piece of paper and wrote his own statement. It was two words: "I'm back." 

Boom. And just like that, the National Basketball Association was put on full tilt. 

Alyson Sadofsky, who was the director of media services for Jordan's agency, recalls going in 11 a.m., then spending the next two hours sending out the fax that upended the sports world, the first step toward what became the second half of the Bulls' 1990s dynasty.

"Everything had to be done individually," Sadofsky says. "It wasn't like sending a mass email."

The statement  was released on a Saturday and 24 hours later he suited up and played his first game in nearly two years against the Indiana Pacers. Wearing the No. 45, Jordan scored 19 points in 43 minutes, but shot just 25% -- one of his worst shooting performances of his career. That didn't stop the G.O.A.T. from going on to rattle off three more titles (his second three-peat) and solidify his legacy as the best ever. 

ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted out the actual fax two years ago, but here's the full text:

WASHINGTON, DC. (March 18, 1995) — The following statement was released today by Michael Jordan, through his personal attorney and business manager David B. Falk, Chairman of Falk Associates Management Enterprises, Inc. ("FAME") located in Washington, D.C., in response to questions about his future career plans:

"I'm back."

I'm Back

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